Conference Package

Please note that as per the general policy of WRPTC, no registration fee is charged to the participants. Registration is free. As a general rule, the WRPTC does not pay the cost of attendance, i.e. travel and living expenses, of participants. In order to make it easy and possible for the professionals from all over the world including from the developing and least developed countries to attend this meeting, the WRPTC in collaboration with the local organizers has developed a comprehensive package which would include the following:

  1. Free Registration
  2. Accommodation in Hilton Hotel at Cartagena for five nights starting 3rd November 2009 (Check out on 8th November 2009)
  3. All breakfasts
  4. Four Lunches
  5. Three dinners
  6. Two Gala Dinners and Parties (ICRT and ALASBIMN Inauguration, ICRT and ALASBIMN closing ceremony)
  7. Two coffee breaks per day during the conference
  8. Airport transportation (Pick-up and dropping)
  9. One Full-day sight-seeing tour with lunch (5th November 2009).

The cost of this entire package would be US$ 1500.00 in single accommodation and US$ 1840.00 in double accommodation. For two persons sharing a room, the cost of the entire package would be around US$ 920.00 per person.

We are planning to organize the conference in a very friendly and cordial atmosphere, offering positive interaction between professionals from all fields of nuclear medicine. All academic, social and excursion activities will be organized in such a way that everyone would get a chance to participate in them. All in all every effort will be made to make it a memorable conference.

The deadline for payment of Lump-sum is 27th July 2009. After that the participants will be charged an additional amount as per the details given below:

  1. Deadline for Lump-sum Payment with the normal price: 27th July 2009
  2. Deadline for Lump-sum payment with penalty of 30% additional amount : 28 Sept 2009 (Depending on availability of hotel room)
  3. Deadline for Lump-sum payment with penalty of 50% additional amount : 29 Sept 2009 (Depending on availability of hotel room) to 3 Nov 2009

We will strive hard to accommodate all participants in Hotel Hilton. Please note that this is the best deal we could get after a lot of negotiations with various hotels and agencies. November is the best time to visit Cartagena. The tourist inflow to Cartagena and Colombia is supposed to be at its peak during this time of the year. We would therefore request you to register and confirm your participation by paying your lump-sum at the earliest.

Please do not wait for the deadline, since the rooms are limited and we reserve the rooms on a first come first served basis. Please note that the Conference starts on Tuesday, 3rd November and ends on Saturday 7th November 2009. The above lump-sum would ensure your hotel accommodation for five nights from 3-7 November 2009 (Check out on 8th November 2009). You should arrange your flight schedule in such a way that you arrive in Cartagena on Tuesday 3rd November and depart from Cartagena on Friday 8th November 2009.

You may now proceed to lump sum payment section for details regarding our Bank account and details about wire transfer.